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LiveShop is born

March 15, 2017

LiveShop Inc. is coming out to the market.


We are preparing for an app that will revolutionize how sellers and buyers interact. We love Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc... but we think all the small businesses in your town and around your daily life can offer such a different, powerful and rewarding alternative to get the goods and services you care about, at light speed delivery and with so much choice, engagement and prices that will not only compete but surprise you.

The features list for Sellers and Buyers will certainly change the game in so many ways!!!


What makes us different? We genuinely care about everyone's success. We want local businesses to thrive, we want local buyers to have so many more options than today.


Stay tuned, it is coming soon!


Oh, say Hello to your LiveShop assigned Gopher, she will be the smartest, wittiest, funniest and most powerful assistant dedicated to you that you will ever meet!




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