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May the 4th be with you with LiveShop

May the 4th 2017,

Our Courageous Gopher is on the starting block to find for each and every consumer the best local offers.

On the Seller's side, all indicators are in the red for local business and we cannot wait to launch our services to come to their rescue and offer them services that will put them back on the map, and make them more powerful than any other online competitor.

The feedback from these businesses has been overwhelming in how much they want LiveShop to come out as soon as possible and we are working nights and days (literally) to bring this powerful weapon and experience to both the sellers and the buyers.

Follow the link on “Only about 1 percent of the roughly $1.5 trillion industry has moved online.

This Bloomberg research is on the grocery market. But this is not only the grocery market which is in immediate danger; this is about most retail stores in town. We must take all these stores online, with powerful, yet simple solutions for sellers and buyers. With great prices, and services only local stores can offer.

LiveShop is coming to the rescue soon!

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