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Small businesses have an edge no one can beat!

So many times, we hear that small businesses days are counted. As many stores report loses mostly due to online competition growing in every part of the country.

See that article among hundreds others.

This situation is a transition and is by no means unstoppable. Why?

Because in the current model, small business and other bigger brick and mortar businesses struggle to compete with the online giants like Amazon, eBay and others as they do not have the online tools and services that buyers expect today.

This situation is coming to an end, LiveShop, and surely other competitors, will bring to customers solutions that leverage local stores advantages that no one could compete with like:

  • Capacity to deliver to local customers in no time

  • Reaching all corners of the country, from the big cities to smallest town

  • Offer services and selections that are tailored to each user, each culture, each part of the US

  • Leverage Technology as well as the big guys. Not just "as well" but better. Better because they will get a dedicated App that is 100% focused on them, their business needs, their specialty

Then, every company will want to add their own specialty. We believe that shopping should be a fun, rewarding experience so that buyers not only save money, but they actually enjoy shopping and have a choice. easy of use not even a criteria anymore, everyone expects it. Kind of the iPhone effect. Artificial Intelligence will bring customers not just ease and fun in shopping, but offers that no one could find for them, until technology came to match needs with offers, smartly, promptly.

Booking intelligence will also help, so that dead hours can offer buyers special discounts to attract them or help clients find a plumber and book the service in no time, and so much more....

Technology is required but it is far not enough. More than technology, a deep understanding of what businesses and buyer needs will make the real difference.

It is about a shopping experience, not just buying or selling.

So hang on there, the solution is coming, we are polishing the Apps (IOS, Android and Desktop), testing it with few stores to make sure all works smoothly, easily and bring strong value to all the players.

And yes, brick and mortar businesses who sell products, services or both and from any size, will get another life. They will not only survive, they will thrive again as they should and as they deserve!

2017 is the year LiveShop comes to the market and provides this long awaited revolution.

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