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Happy 4th of July from LiveShop

While we celebrate our nation's independence day and our people, let's not forget that caring about our people, our friends, our families and ultimately our nation, never stops.

We are all tied together. Our nation economical success is everyone's success, and on the opposite side, any category who struggles will impact all of us, sooner than later. So we must embrace evolution, BUT we also need to make sure everyone is carried with it, that no one is left behind.

And it is not a battle only in the US, it is a worldwide one, look at TaoBao in China! They offer up to 15 minutes deliveries with almost a billion items covered.

This is why we care so much to help all small business not only to catch up, but to offer such a powerful option compared to all existing ones.

Any shop trying LiveShop so far loves it, why? because shop owners helped to design LiveShop, it simply works for them and their customers and offers must larger margins for them as well.

We are extremely proud for this early adoption and success and our teams will continue to work tirelessly until full success now and tomorrow. We are very proud for adding competition to the market place, adding real options to the buyers and and sellers and most importantly, get all shops in town, a real, meaningful way to continue business as they do, just using online services and deliveries as every customer now expects it to be. And don't get us wrong, we still love Amazon and others but LiveShop is definitively changing the map for the benefits of everyone.

Happy 4th of July from the LiveShop Team!

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