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The Future of Farm to Table

Tempeh? Cauliflower steak? Zucchini Spaghetti?

An increasing percentage of Americans are incorporating fresher and more sustainable food options into their diets. People aren't only making this change for personal health reasons, but also because of a heightened global awareness of the detrimental impact that the meat production industry has on our environment. This headway has made farmers markets more crowded and in demand than ever. Through this popularity comes an opportunity for a progressive advancement in the current way farmers market merchants are selling their goods.

LiveShop Inc. has the unique ability to focus on individual merchants. Other providers like Amazon, E-bay, Walmart, or Google Express all offer same day delivery to customers. However, the definition of same day delivery becomes pretty muddy as their delivery commitments are full of regulations based on factors like membership subscriptions, minimum purchase prices, order cut off times, etc.(1) Rather than trying to brazenly assimilate sellers into an existing system that was not created with the local merchant in mind, LiveShop and LiveSell are singularly concerned with local selling and buying. Famers market merchants can fully rely on LiveShop Inc. for support and follow through assistance while their shoppers are delighted by an unprecedented delivery service without any stipulations.

There is another emerging trend in the farming community. Forbes recently reported that, “[t]here is a new breed of younger farmers entering the fields; the USDA’s latest Census of Agriculture reports that the number of farmers under 35 is increasing, only the second time that’s happened since 1900.”(2) As young people enter the agricultural workforce, they will likely look for ways in which tech can bolster efficiency at their jobs. LiveShop and LiveSell’s features offer a comprehensive yet simple solution to propel farmers markets into the 21st century.

Within the next few months, this unprecedented farmers market service will be available in the Bay Area.

Happy plant eating and shopping from the LiveShop Team!



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