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Simplifying Selling Online in a Complicated Market

As you’ve probably noticed, the phenomenon of “over-choice” has become increasingly pervasive. Everything from new tech, to smartphone apps, to juice cleanses seem to be laden with—arguably—too many options. A copiousness of choice is now the status-quo.

For an independent merchant or a local business looking to keep up in a fierce and over-saturated market, there are countless e-commerce platform options available. Unfortunately, these options aren’t necessarily going to make selling online uncomplicated, which is exactly what selling online should be.

Constructed from the zeitgeist of over-choice, many e-commerce platforms only provide key selling tools through separate plug-ins or external add-ons, which usually require one to download supplementary apps to use with one’s online store. Many times, a good portion of these add-ons are not free. Shopify, for reference, has over 1200 add-on apps to choose from.(1) Even just thinking about that number is exhausting. How does this model serve to keep e-commerce for local businesses uncomplicated?

With services malleable enough to fit the focused needs of small businesses, LiveSell empowers merchants to compete while remaining distinctly simple. LiveSell is genuinely dedicated to being hyperlocal; that commitment yields a dedication to personalization and good communication. LiveSell’s technology is about matching sellers and customers to reinvigorate the crucial relationship between merchant and buyer so that it can endure. LiveSell provides the customer-seller messaging system for this reason: it facilitates an unparalleled level of fun and personalization to the platform without any extraneous effort or add-ons. All of LiveSell’s features are included, necessary and understandable.

With LiveSell, there are no plug-ins, add-ons, or hidden complications. With LiveSell, the seller and the local community are thoroughly appreciated. LiveSell’s dynamic tools are here to transform the local shopping market in the Bay Area.


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