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For Sellers and Buyers, Actually, for Everyone: Simpler is Better

While technology is advancing at such a pace, creating so many new possibilities, it is equally important to recognize that most people are not programmers or IT specialists. There was a time, not so long ago, where it was accepted that every new piece of technology would require a user manual. Why, because these new devices were really not that easy to use, with many obscure options, and sub-menus that no one even understood how to get there.

Then, came Apple, with the iPhone that kind of taught a lesson to the world. Cell phones, which are in many regards, as powerful as computers, should not come with a manual. They should be easy to use, intuitive to use and if not, probably the feature implemented would be wrong to propose. And it worked!! Since then, a new expectation has risen, to create super-powerful services or devices that do not need a bible size user manual with tons of options that no one cares about.

And guess what! This has become the new normal, and has become the standard for what most people are willing to deal with.

While sellers and buyers are now switching to online services and marketplaces, this helps create live shopping solutions. Sellers do not want to spend time learning complex new systems, nor do they have the time or the money to pay someone else to do it for them. For buyers, there is even a stronger stance - there’s NO WAY that any user will use an App that’s not slick and is behaving in an intuitive way.

These new expectations are at the foundation of LiveShop. Our mission has been to create a tool that all sellers, especially those who don’t like complicated and unfriendly technology, will actually enjoy.

We tried and removed so many features along the way, to keep the seller App lean and simple, to ensure that our grandmothers and grandfathers can use it as well as anyone, and actually enjoy it. We made it visual, using integrated smartphone scanners to scan products’ UPC, EAN and ISBN codes. We formulated a way for every seller to manage their business’ daily operations simply using their smartphones. Adding or editing product details, managing orders status, requesting a delivery, chatting with clients, adding pictures, videos, and more to their online store is a breeze on the LiveShop Local Shopping Marketplace. It all happens under one simple, easy to use app.

For the buyers, the same rules apply. If it’s not simple, it’s not intuitive, or if it is not putting the buyer in control, we won’t include it.

Believe it or not, trying to make things simple is an incredibly complicated task, however, being our #1 goal, we’re proud to say that we achieved it.

And how rewarding it is to see sellers enjoying using their phones or tablets, just as if they discovered a new land. What a satisfaction to see that it actually works, that sellers with no desire to learn any technology can easily manage their online business!

It just works!

We’re now starting to invite sellers from specific areas in and around London, who operate specific types of businesses. If you’re interested in joining the LiveShop Revolution, please contact us at:


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