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About Us

LiveShop is the on-demand small business point-of-sale solution that is offered at an unbeatable price.

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How We Got Here

It all started when attending discovery sessions on the topic of small business procurement practices. In these sessions we learned how small businesses struggle to survive against massive e-tailers and big-box retailers that compete on razor-thin margins which force many local shops to close.


To turn the tide back in favor of small, local businesses, we’ve launched a new online marketplace, LiveShop. Its mission is to empower local businesses to compete on ease-of-purchase and fast delivery that established e-tailers offer, plus provide services that only local businesses can deliver. With the power of the Internet, smartphones, GPS and artificial intelligence we will create an unmatched new experience.  

Our Technology

Easy. Fast. Secure.

At LiveShop, our comprehensive technological solutions help businesses get discovered by using the latest on-demand digital technology available.


While dazzling your customers with a beautiful purchasing experience, our platform also makes available a wide range of features to help you sell smarter, faster, easier. LiveShop brings sellers and buyers closer together by continually building upon its technology.


Join us in this revolution! It’s already started.

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