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LiveShop Local; Shopping is an entirely new approach to online shopping. 

We mix Social MediaeCommerce Marketplace, Local Communities, and Artificial Intelligence to create a unique, rewarding, engaging, rich shopping personable experience that rewards all players involved

LiveShop bridges the gap between individuals and local businesses within their communities. In an online shopping landscape long dominated by well-funded big brands, smaller businesses have struggled to compete.

However, LiveShop aims to change this dynamic by providing local businesses with user-friendly online tools. By offering these resources, LiveShop contributes to the preservation and enhancement of the economic vibrancy and unique character of neighborhoods.

One of the key advantages of LiveShop is its incredibly low fees for sellers. This enables local businesses to offer competitive prices to consumers, reminiscent of a time when prices were more affordable. By facilitating fair pricing, LiveShop helps create a more equitable and accessible shopping experience for all.

Support Local Businesses

We recognize that locally sourced products often hold the highest quality, but it can be challenging to compete with the convenience of fast and seamless online delivery offered by larger chains. LiveShop addresses this disparity by leveling the playing field and empowering small businesses and local shoppers.

Through our platform, we provide a simple, convenient, and enjoyable method to purchase products from the diverse array of shops and sellers in your area. This grants you the authority to support the businesses of your choice, putting the power back into the hands of local communities. With LiveShop, you can embrace the ease of online shopping while actively contributing to the growth and sustainability of small businesses within your neighborhood.

Discover New Places

Are you interested in supporting local businesses but unsure where to start? Look no further than LiveShop! Our platform connects you to a vast network of nearby sellers who are eager to deliver their products right to your doorstep. With LiveShop, you can easily explore and discover the hidden gems within your community. 

Start shopping locally with LiveShop today and experience the true essence of your neighborhood.

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Reduce your carbon footprint

Reducing the carbon footprint by using local deliveries brings a multitude of benefits, both for the environment and society at large. By diminishing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere, we contribute to slowing down climate change. This not only safeguards ecosystems and biodiversity but also helps mitigate extreme weather events and rising sea levels.

On an individual level, adopting sustainable practices to reduce our carbon footprint can lead to improved air and water quality. This, in turn, promotes better public health by reducing the prevalence of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, this will drive innovation, create green jobs, and stimulate economic growth.

In essence, the collective effort to reduce our carbon footprint is an investment in a healthier planet, a more resilient society, and a sustainable future for generations to come.

Online Shopping Made Easy

LiveShop has a fantastic network of delivery drivers to ensure that every order comes through quickly and easily. With our integrated GPS network, along with our caring and local network of delivery drivers, you’ll never have to worry about when your package will arrive, or what condition it will be in.

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Join us in the revolution to bring power back to small local businesses.
Shop Small. Shop Local. Shop LiveShop!
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