Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is LiveSell?

LiveSell is the online application where sellers manage their online store on LiveShop.

LiveSell can be accessed through a web browser by visiting

Using LiveSell, you will:

  • Manage the details of your store.
  • Create online catalogues, so customers can see what you sell on LiveShop.
  • Create targeted promotions and loyalty programs.
  • Receive orders and get paid.
  • Manage online appointments.
  • View reports so you can manage your business and increase effeciency.

What is LiveShop?

LiveShop is a FREE and an easy-to-use “app” (software platform that you can download to your smartphone from the Apple or Android app store). Your customers can use the LiveShop app to purchase goods and services from your store on LiveSell—all from the convenience of their smartphone. Apple iPhones and Android phones are supported. Within the app, your customers will be able to:

  • View what you you sell.
  • Get notified about promotions you are offering.
  • Select and purchase items.
  • Chose to get items delivered directly to their door.

Do I have to install or purchase software?

No specialized software or installation is needed. LiveSell was designed specifically for local business that need easy-to-use software available directly from a web browser.

Is there a cost for using LiveSell?

During this difficult period for everyone, we decided to also do our shares in helping even further all sellers and we are waving all LiveShop fees. In the fiture, we plan charge about 4% per transaction but we will discuss with you to ensure that any fee is by far the best on the market. We care for local businesses more than anyone and our prices will reflect our philosophy, always. The Delivery fees are paid by the customers and the credit cards fees (stripe) will be removed from the purchased prices as we do not control these fees. At this moment, we are working with stripe and stripe credit cards fees are located at: UK: US:

What is the difference between LiveShop and LiveSell?

LiveSell is the web based application where sellers manage their online store. Using LiveSell, you can manage promotions, product merchandising, online orders, product deliveries and more. LiveShop is a powerful and easy-to-use smartphone app that your customers will use to view your products and purchase items directly from your store.

How do my customers get LiveShop on their smartphones?

It's easy. LiveShop is a FREE app to dowload for either Apple iPhones or Android phones. Apple iPhone. On your customer's iPhone, he or she will visit the App Store. Once there, they will search for "LiveShop," and then download the app. Android Phone. Your customer will select the Google Play Store icon on their phone, search for "LiveShop," and then download the app. Once LiveShop is installed, your customer will search for the name of your store and then can immediately start browsing your products or services, make their selection and make purchases.

Can I use LiveSell on my smartphone?

LiveSell is designed for Windows or Mac web browsers as well as tablets (IOS or Android). It was not designed to work on smartphones through an app. However, you can still access LiveSell through your phone's web browser. We are working to develop a LiveSell dedicated app for smartphones, which will be announced at a later date.

What do I need to do to start selling on LiveSell?

Begin your registration process by visiting: We'll follow up with you within one busienss day to get your account set up. Once your account is active you will:

  • Enter your store details and fill out your company profile.
  • Build your online catalogue.
  • Invite your customers to connect with you via LiveShop.
  • Begin selling!

I’ve used other e-commerce platforms. How is LiveSell different?

LiveSell is uniquely designed and built specifically for the busy local shop owner who wants to reach and serve more customers with state-of-the-art technology. LiveSell is unparalleled in its hyperlocal commitment and its ability to focus on enabling local businesses to keep pace—especially through the implementation of features like super fast delivery. LiveSell cares about seeing our local communities thrive. This is different from other solutions that have been designed for the needs of large multinational businesses. But the #1 feature we are the proudest of: EASE OF USE
We spent countless hours to make our products easy to use for anyone non technical When you register with LiveSell you get powerful tools such as:

  • Online catalogues so customers can view your products on their smartphones.
  • Marketing tools such as coupons, gift cards.
  • Messaging systems with your customers
  • Smartphone bar code reader integrated to save you hours of works
  • Crowd Database so that you do not have to enter all pictures and description, if we already have it
  • Tons of options delviery, including for you to generate more income if you wish to deliver yourself
  • Ratings
  • Super fast delivery of goods to your customers' front door.

Product Deliveries

How does customer delivery work?

When a customer makes a purchase through LiveShop, the seller has the option to offer to their customers the following options:

  • Pick up at the store
  • Delivery by LiveShop - In selected areas, we offer fast, reliable and cost effective delivery with Go4Delivery drivers
  • Delivery by seller. This is a good option if you already have a delivery vehicle or an established relationship with a delivery service.
Prices and delivery times will vary depending on distance between store and delivery address.

How do I know if a customer requested an item for delivery?

On every incoming new order, it will say how the delivery to the customer should be done.

How do I know when my product has been successfully delivered?

If LiveShop delivery does the delivery for you, The status of the delviery will automatically be updated once the delivery is done

Who pays for the delivery service?

The Buyer pays for this service. During check-out, buyers are offered a list of options for getting the products they purchased.

  • Pick up at the store
  • Fast delivery to addresses in the same neighborhood as store (prices vary depending on distance)
  • Delivery outside of neighborhood (same day possible deliveries if purchase made on time, fees charged depending on distance)
  • Delivery made by the seller. Here, delivery is not done by LiveSell. Instead, the seller is responsible for the delivery of goods to the buyer, as well as for any costs incurred for the delivery. This is a good option if you already have a delivery vehicle or an established relationship with a delivery service.

How much does a delivery typically cost?

Is there a limit for how far a delivery can be sent?

Currently, this service is offered for local buyers within the San Francisco Peninsula and the London (UK) area.

Will the customer have to tip the delivery person?

No, but if they feel that the delivery person went above and beyond, it is of course up to the buyer.

Are there limits on the types, size and quantity of products permitted for delivery?

Anything that can be carried by 1 person easily and fin in the trunk of a midsize car.

Can items be delivered to apartments or offices?


What happens if a delivery cannot be completed?

First, the delivery person will try to call the buyer by phone. If that doesn't work, then the delivery item will be either returned to the shop or the delivery service will try to deliver again at a different time.


Can I send COUPONS to specific customers or do they go to all my customers?

How do customers see my COUPON offers?

How do customers redeem their COUPON?

Is there a way to see how effective COUPON offers have been?

What are rewards cards? How are they different from COUPON?

What are GIFT CARDS?

Gift cards are way for a buyer to purchase a pre-paid card that can only be used at your store. These cards are often given as a gift to another person who usually loves what you sell. With the card, the recipient can purchase anything in your store up to the limit of pre-paid funds on the gift card. Gift cards have no time limit and can also be shared between buyers

How are GIFT CARDS issued?

The buyer pays you in the store, and you assign the gift card with the value attached to a buyers email address.

The recipient of the gift card will get an email with explanations on how to use this gift card to purchase in store or online products from your shop

How does my customer use GIFT CARDS?

Any time they purchase from you, they can use any remaining amount from their gift cards on any purchase from you.

Are there expiration dates on GIFT CARDS

There no expiratin dates.

Online Catalogues

What is an online catalogue?

An online catalogue is a document that lists the details of the products you sell online through LiveShop. When customers view the products or services you sell on LiveShop, they'll be shown the details contained within the online catalogue. Without an online catalogue, your customers will not be able to see what you sell. It's not difficult to create one. Here are two step-by-step videos that'll walk you through the process. This video covers the most basic way to create your catalogue. This video will show you how to manage a large list of catalogue items.

Why do I need an online catalogue?

Without an online catalogue your customers will not be able to purchase from you electronically. Online cataglues are the way buyers can see the products that you sell before they purchase them.

How do I create an online catalogue?

Either by entering or updating any product manually, or by performing imports from a spreadsheet. Below are a couple of step-by-step guides in the LiveShop Learning Center. This one shows you how to add items to your online catalgue one at a time. This one shows you how to add and manage multiple items.

Can I include pictures of my products?

Yes, you can and you absolutely should! Customers are more likely to purchase from you if they can see what you have to sell. You can see step-by-step guides on how to create catalogues in our Learning Center.

What if have thousands of products, how do I best handle this?

First, we recommend that you enter the items you sell most one by one, and then add others later. However, if you have a large number of items, we have a feature that will allow you to import thousands of products. This video will show you how to do this. You can see other step-by-step guides in our Learning Center.

What if I only offer services, do I need an online catalogue?

Yes, you do need to enter all your services so that customers can see them, select them and purchase them.

Point of sales (POS)

Can I continue to use my current Point of Sale (POS) system with LiveSell?

Yes, you can but it is highly recommended to switch to LiveSell so that your can maintain an up-to-date view of your inventory. You should use your in store Credit Card payment method as we work to implement additionnal partners to charge in store.

What is the POS feature for?

Think of this as your online cash register. When a customer visits your store, you can use POS to sell and accept payment for items purchased. When you do this, LiveSell will automatically update your inventory.

What payment options does a customer have?

In store: - Cash - Check - Using your current Credit card method - Gift cards, Coupons, Reward Cards Online: Using Stripe, all payments go directly to your bank account, minus what Stripe charges for the transaction which can be found at:

What if the customer pays in cash or by check?

On the POS screen, simply select the payment method during the check out.

Do I need special software for this?

No, when your create your account on LiveSell, this feature is automatically included for you!

What is the "link customer" button doing?

It enables you to offer your customers any coupon they received, as well as gift cards and it of course applies to the reward card which will record the new sales to benefit the customer once the reward card can be redeemed

Online Orders

What do I do when I receive an order through LiveShop?

You need to evaluate the delivery mechanism expected as to adjust how urgent it is for you to prepare the item for delivery If Pick Up was selected. then change the status of the order to "Ready for Pick Up" so that they customer is informed that she/he can come to your shop to pick th order up If Fasy delivery was selected, hurry up! someone is already on the way to pick it up and you need to prepare it now If same day delivery or specific day chosen delivery is selected, prepare the order based on that info If you do the delivery, you decide how to handle it with the customer.

How does a customer pay?

In store: - Cash - Check - Using your current Credit card method - Gift cards, Coupons, Reward Cards Online: Using Stripe, all payments go directly to your bank account, minus what Stripe charges for the transaction which can be found at:

How do I receive payment?

For online payments, all payments are processed by Stripe. Complete details are provided here: In general, Stripe makes payments about 2 business days after the payment occured.

Is there a charge to receive orders online?

Stripe charges for their services. Please refer to this page for the latest rates. At this moment, LiveShop has waived all fees to support our communities

How do I know that I've received an online order?

Up to 2 persons are informed by Email and SMS for a new incoming order We highly recommend to also setup a printer to print automatically any new order so that it not only alerts visually of a new pending order, it also facilitate to be able to have a copy to attach to the order LiveSell will also show an alert, in the App

Go4Delivery Drivers

How do I contact LiveShop

You can always contact us using the Driver App, if you are an authorized Driver, via the App Messaging System which goes directyl with our Demilery Admin Team, during business hours from 8AM till 11PM GMT Alternatively, you can email us at

What documents are needed to start?

Your Photo, Driver License and proof of insurance

What insurance do I need

LiveShop is not responsible for any issue, liability that any independant driver may enoucnter while delviring for Go4Delivery. Every driver is in charge of making sure all her/his insurances cover all aspects needed to pick, drive and deliver via our services. This includes bycicles as well, not just motor vehicles Social, Domestic & Pleasure (SD&P) This is the standard insurance that covers you for the everyday use of your delivery vehicle. You will need to ensure that your insurance covers: Hire and reward insurance, or Carriage of goods, including food, for hire and reward insurance Besides the above. added recommendations are: Personal injury and income protection for all riders Public liability (covers cyclists all the time, and scooters/cars when they’re walking to pick up or drop-off an order)

Where can I apply to start delivering?

This page contains generic info as well as a link to register:

Any requirements to start delivering?

In order for us to pay you now, you will need to either have a Venmo, Paypal and UK Bank account (which offers direct bank transfer) A smartphone – iOS or Android (6.0 and above) Your own vehicle (bicycle, scooter, or car) with the necessary safety equipment A UK bank account for us to transfer money to you for the courses done Be over 18 Have no unspent criminal convictions Cars and motorised scooters will also need food delivery insurance as well as regular motor vehicle insurance

How will I get paid and how fast

We are implementing a automatic payment system now with our Partner, Stripe. Once implemented, every driver will need to open a stripe account to get payments In the mean time, you will need to either have a Venmo, Paypal and UK Bank account for us to do a direct bank transfer Payments are made no later than 2 days after the delivery is made. Banks and online transfer companies may add their own delays but our experience shows than 48 hours is a usual delay.

Can I stop anytime to delivery for Go4Delivery?

You are an indepandant contractor, you can start and stop whenever you want

While enrolled, how do I make myself available and how to I receive new orders

In the Go4Delivery App available on IOS and Android, you can manage your status easily and decide not only to reject a request for delivery, but also to put yourself as unreachable for any reason or matter of time.