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LiveShop Press Release

Burlingame, CA - March 30 2020

During Coronavirus Crisis, a Bay Area Company Steps Up

Ecommerce Services Offered for Free to Revitalize Business and Communities

LiveShop Inc., an Ecommerce platform to enable local shops to sell easily to their local buyers, has decided to offer their platform to all sellers in the US and UK.


Company announcement:

With social distancing and stay-at-home directives in place, local businesses have been particularly hard hit. During these trying times, LiveShop has been dedicated to keeping local business running strong.


As such, we’ve decided to offer LiveShop to all businesses who wish to sell online, or are able to sell curbside, at no cost. Any business owner can use this online platform to do business without our usual fees—other than credit card fees—until further notice.


It’s easy to get started. You can be up and running within one hour; no technical knowledge required.


For home deliveries, we will work with you to evaluate available options as per local restrictions in place.


Three easy steps:

  1. go to to learn more about LiveShop

  2. Submit request to register your business at:

  3. Follow the simple steps to add the items you want to sell and link your account to a secured payment processor,


We encourage you to take advantage of this downtime to get online today. Test it out. See how it works for you. When the economy comes roaring back, you may have a powerful new sales channel working for you.


“In this time where we must stay home, having the possibility to buy local produce and products in a frictionless way is key. Whether it be for pick up or delivery (if offered by the store), is not only a life saver for many local stores but is also safer for individuals who do not want to shop in the stores. The less physical interactions with people the better, at this time. We certainly did not plan for this, and we were just in beta tests in our local cities and in London when this situation accelerated. Everyone should help and we will definitely do our share. We will continue to enhance the User Interface, but speed at this time is critical.  We are right now removing all stores not able to function during this situation and adding key ones who can”, said Patrick Plawner, CEO at LiveShop inc.


Important Note: For your safety, and the safety of your customers, please consult with your local coronavirus shelter-in-place regulations to ensure the use of LiveShop does not violate them.

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