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Company Help

company with IDs.jpg

The Company tab enables you to set up the following for your company

  1. Upload Company Logo: you can upload 1 logo here, which will be shared in Emails, company pages, and all communications with your customers

  2. Upload Store Images: You can upload up to 5 pictures that represent your company. You will have additional ways to add more pictures 

  3. Select Company Type: forced to Products at this time. We will add new types later

  4. Company Name. The company that will be presented to all customers

  5. Company Address which shared with customers

  6. Company Business Phone Number shared to customers. Make sure that you select the appropriate country for your business location

  7. Company Email (will not be shared with customers), it is used for your login in LiveSell

  8. Company Tax (on most of your products or services). You will be able to modify this tax, per item when you create a new item as taxes car vary depending on each item type.

  9. Company Info. Also called "Business Intro". this is your business introduction. What you want customers to know about you and your company, maybe a summary of all your products or services as well

  10. Company Return Policy: What policy do you want your customer to be aware of regarding your regulations

  11. Contact Person Name: This name is the one that will be presented to your customers, on your company page

  12. Contact Person Email: Same as above, this is the Email that will be presented on your company page to be used to contact you

  13. Contact Person Phone: This phone will NOT be presented on your customer company page, the company business phone presented above will. This phone will be contacted by SMS every time there is a new order or every time there is a change in the order

  14. Add Company Tags: These tags will be used for SEO purposes as well as searches inside and outside LiveShop

  15. Add Company category: This is used for helping customers find you when they search for a specific category

  16. Opening Hours: when your business is opened and ready for allowing Pick up in-store (if you enable this option)

  17. Delivery Hours: Relevant only if you select "Sellers offers delivery". If you did select this option, this section will give you the option to select which hours you offer deliveries

  18. Add more Videos, Text or Videos

  19. Submit. Save your changed

Adding extra details on your company page

In some cases, companies will want to add more pictures, some additional stories, informations or even videos. Clicking on the button shown below will enable you to do just that

company with IDs.jpg

After clicking the following options will be presented

company 4.jpg

As shown, there are 3 options:

  1. Add more text in the Secondary company info

  2. Add up to 20 more pictures, in the Store image gallery

  3. Add up to 10 Videos (link imported from Youtube) ino the Store Video Section
    (** Format for the video should be "")

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