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LiveShop Seller App Help

Dashboard Help

The Dashboard is where LiveSell opens, once logged in. It contains a summary of all activities as well as a way to access all menu options

Access to online learning Center

Log Out

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Menu Options

Pic. 1.1 - Full Dashboard - Home Page

The Menu options are:

  1. Home: This landing page

  2. Company: Set up your company details

  3. Inventory: Manages all your services or products offered to your customers

  4. Orders: Show all your orders and manage their statuses

  5. Customers: See all your customers and their past interactions

  6. Marketing: GIFT CARDS, COUPONS, and BROADCAST messages to all your customers

  7. Message: Chat with customers

  8. POS: You can use LiveSell as a Point Of Sale (POS) as well.

  9. Settings: All options related to deliveries, Taxes, discounts to companies, Zip code management for deliveries, and more.

    Note that some settings and features are not presented in the IOS/Android App, only on the Web

Dashboard events, Revenue, Reporting, Setup Subscriptions and Association's management

This section offers some insight on the top Key attributes to monitor. Clicking on any of these attributes will take you to the relevant page directly.

web dashboard.jpg

Pic. 1.2 - Events, Finance and management sections

Revenue filtered by date range


Your Subscriptions Management

Associations your wish to support


This sections shows any new incoming event you should be aware of.

web dashboard.jpg

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